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Westech specializes in designing and manufacturing Parts Aligners supported by industrial patents. Total number of machine production is 1800 units to 300 customers as of 2009.

Westech products are all processed in-house, starting from the initial design all the way to the manufacturing. We will provide our customers with complete support through the entire process.

Westechfs main product is the horizontal vibratory parts aligner. The machines are equipped with patented counter balance table oscillation mechanism, which compensate the primary vibrations.

The parts aligner utilizes a patented controller which allows the operator to program appropriate settings for each unique micro part.  The tilt angle of the pallet is monitored by an encoder, while the vibration frequency and the duration of each step of aligning are controlled using a microcomputer.

Westech not only provides the standard horizontal vibratory machines, but also provide circumgyratory vibrations and vertical vibratory machines. 

Westech provides customers with both the machines and pallets, which is gkeyh to the aligning process, allowing the customers to achieve optimum performance. Pallets are machined with extreme precision to accurately engrave each geometrical cavity which require extended amount of hours. In order to meet the customerfs demands we have 27 machining centers in operation as of 2009.

Westech maintains over 200 full sized sheets of pallet materials. The materials are preserved in an environmentally controlled warehouse. Prior to machining, the internal stress is removed from the pallet material by aging, annealing or other process to ensure the best condition for machining.

The chemicals Westech uses to clean the pallets are environmentally friendly. The cleaning process is done in three basic steps by one machine: ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and drying.

Quality of the geometrical cavities is inspected by NEXIV, Nikonfs Video Measuring System.

We provide not only domestic customers, but also foreign countries such as China, USA, Mexico, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Spain, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and others.

Although using vibration to align micro parts may seem unorthodox, Westech experimented and achieved outstanding results which may become your solution to efficient part aligning.

 gA Concept to a Surface and onto Limitless Possibilitiesh

Westech reflected expertise and ideas onto a blank horizontal pallet surface allowing limitless possibilities and opportunities, further striving to be worldfs gone of a kindh Parts Aligner. 

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